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Industry leaders to offer you this top quality list of pump and system training courses. Please select the course that best suites your needs. If you would like to see a training course or seminar added to this list, please send your name and request to training info.

The Hydraulic Institute site for on-line pump education. Learn about Centrifugal Pumps:  Fundamentals, Design and Applications by taking HI's first on-line course. It combines the best of traditional and online learning to offer convenient, easy-to-use professional development for those who are dedicated to increasing their pump knowledge and expertise.  Developed exclusively for pump users, manufacturers, engineers, contractors, specifiers and others who work with pumps and pumping systems.
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Fluid Fundamentals Training offers a comprehensive two-day course designed for new college graduates, mechanics, operators, consulting and design engineers, or anyone needing to obtain a clear picture of the operation of total liquid piping systems. Classes are designed for developing core competencies and essential skill sets, giving you the ability to take what you've learned and apply it directly back on the job and successfully troubleshoot changes or additions to any piping system situation.

Continued Education Credits are available for these courses and CRANE's TP410 is included free with registration.

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Volk & Associates, Inc. Now you can learn everything you need to know about pumps in a course from an industry expert.
After working in engineering and operations with one of the world's leading pump manufacturers, course instructor, Michael Volk, has been a consultant to the pump industry for the past 20 years. He authored "Pump Characteristics and Applications", a highly acclaimed pump applications handbook. Mr. Volk has taught hundreds of pump courses worldwide.
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This OEM has various advanced technical workshops that focus on Energy Savings ( DOE PSAT, Pumping System Assessment Tool : Total System Evaluation ) that are led by DOE certified instructors. They also focus on Certified Technician Workshops that provide the technical and "hands on" knowledge to improve reliability and establish "Best Practices" to reduce Life Cycle Costs. They also have a series of "Ask the Experts" workshops in which they invite industry leaders to present Advanced Training in Diagnostic Tools and Vertical Turbines. Many other workshops can be found at their training site.

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The Mackay Pump School is a program of pump reliability training dedicated to the reduction of pump operating and maintenance costs. Our objective is to help Operations and Maintenance Engineers and Technicians stop repetitive pump failure and thus eliminate expensive and unscheduled pump downtime. This is achieved by integrating the three vital areas of pump mechanics, system hydraulics and seal operation, thus simplifying root cause analysis and developing effective troubleshooting skills. In the last 15 years, over 20,000 have benefited from this learning experience dedicated to the real problems of pumping.
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Pumping Machinery Pumping Machinery's Pump School offers hands-on training, pump theory, applications, and case studies. Training classes are offered in the following disciplines: Pump Types - as defined by the Hydraulic Institute, Centrifugal Pumps, Rotary Gear Pumps, and Specialty Mag-Drive Pumps.
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Bachus Co. Inc.
Reduce maintenance expenses and eliminate repetitive pump failure with this 3-day course for your maintenance staff.  The instructor Larry Bachus is a genuine maintenance practitioner.  With over 30-years pump experience in steel mills, the Navy, and refineries, Larry is a mentor, rather than seminar leader.  Mechanics learn to STOP rebuilding pumps. Operators learn the signals of imminent pump failure.  Engineers associate academic theory with pumping system reality.  Larry is well known for his pump books and popular “Pump Guy” column appearing in three magazines.  Bilingual, Larry conducts his courses in English or Spanish for international assignments.

You can e-mail Larry at for a quote, or go to for more course information.

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