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Murphy’s Law For Pumps
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Murphy’s Law For Pumps

  1. When a person asks you for your expert technical advise, he will argue with you when you give it to him.
  2. It should be assumed that an engineer knows what he is talking about, unless, of course, he really does.
  3. After attending a factory training course, a serviceman can destroy a cannon ball by performing routine maintenance’s.
  4. The least knowledgeable person will be sent to evaluate a problem in the field. He will miss the obvious problem, but will feel compelled to deliver his “expert” opinion on what he thinks is the problem and will do so in the presence of the customer.
  5. After six people have absolutely verified the proper rotation of the 3 phase motor, it will be found to be running backwards.
  6. “Actual Performance” is a pencil line drawn on somebody’s curve back at the factory.
  7. The owner of any pump that is delivering less than its advertised performance will be either a lawyer or a retired engineer.
  8. The factory expert with whom you desperately need to talk to will be out of town.
  9. The pump owner will not feel it is important to tell you that (a) the house is located on a hill 100 feet above the well or (b) he has added 3,000 feet of irrigation pipe and 40 sprinklers to his 10 gallon per minute system.
  10. The low bid will be submitted by a contractor who has never done this type of job before.
  11. Any critically needed part will not float.
  12. No matter how precisely you state to the customer, it will be misinterpreted and always to your disadvantage.
  13. “NPSH” does not mean “No pumps sold here”.
  14. A pump that is performing perfectly will be struck by lightning. Conversely, any pump that is a real headache will never be struck by lightning.
  15. Good decisions are made either on the basis of good information or dumb luck.
  16. Sometimes God is just plain annoyed with this installation.

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