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Glossary of Pump Terms: T
Tandem seals

The seals are facing in the same direction with a low pressure barrier fluid circulating between them.


Total discharge head. A combination of the suction head and the head being produced by the pump.

10-2 inches

A way to write 0.01 inches.

Tensile strength

The strength measured when the part is being pulled axially.

Thermal conductivity

A measure of the material's ability to conduct heat. This is a very important factor in the selection of mechanical seal faces.

Thermal imaging

A troubleshooting piece of equipment that will let you see hot spots in the equipment.


A plastic material that can be softened or melted repeatedly without change of properties. Injection molded parts are manufactured with Thermo-plastic materials.


A plastic material that can be softened and molded but cannot be re-used or reverted to its original state.

Thixotrophic fluid

The viscosity of the fluid decreases with agitation. Non drip paint is an example of such a fluid.

Thrust bearing

Locates the rotor or shaft axially. Normally located clse to the coupling.


One millimeter of mercury. Used in both the imperial and metric systems a a unit of measurement in vacuum service.

Total head

The amount of head produced by th epump. Discharge head minus suction head. If suction head is a negative number it is added to the discharge head.


In a centrifugal pump it refers to the axial movement of the shaft. The thrust can be towards the wet or power end of the pump and at start up it thrusts in both directions.

Thrust bearing

Designed to take the axial thrust in pump applications. It is usually located next to the coupling and is often supplied in a "double row" configuration.


Attached to the pump and used to send a vibration signal to a meter where it can be read.

Tungsten carbide

A common hard face seal material available in several grades depending upon hardness and corrosion resistance. Cobalt and nickel are the two most common types.


Disturbed fluid. Can cause cavitation problems in a centrifugal pump. Often caused by an elbow located too close to the pump suction inlet.

Two way balance

A method of balancing a mechanical seal in two directions. A very important consideration in dual seal applications.

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