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Glossary of Pump Terms: I

Inside diameter.


International standards organization. Sets pump and seal standards for the metric community.


Attaches to the end of the shaft to impart energy to the fluid being pumped. Available in open, semi- open and closed designs.

Impeller eye

The center of the impeller or the point where fluid enters the impeller.

Impeller setting

Open impellers require a clearance between the volute or the pump back plate depending upon design. This clearance must be set when the pump is at operating temperature and must be reset to compensate for wear. (0.015" to 0.020" or 0,04 mm to 0,05 mm is typical)

Impeller shroud

the plates located on one or both sides of the impeller vanes. Prevents solids from penetrating behind the vanes.

Impeller vane

Located between the eye and the discharge side of the impeller. Directs the flow of the liquid to the outside diameter of the impeller.


The opposite of explode. Bubbles implode in the higher pressure areas of the pump making noise and causing damage to the metal parts. This is normally called cavitation


A non metallic slug of material which has become entangled in the metal during its manufacture. A severe problem in thin cross section metal bellows manufacture.


A small axial flow vane that attaches to the impeller of a centrifugal pump to increase the N.P.S.H. available.

Induction motor

The most common type used in industry. Has a slippage of 2 to 5 percent compared to synchronous motors.

Inline pump

Mounted in the piping. No base plate or alignment required.

Internal recirculation

A loss of efficiency caused by liquid flowing through wear rings or the impeller to volute clearances.

Intergranular corrosion

A corrosion of the grain boundaries in the body of the material.


A technique used in impeller design. You repeat the action until you get to the final result. Very difficult to do until the new computer programs became available.

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