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Glossary of Pump Terms: E
Effective diameter

In metal bellows terminology it is the calculated diameter where the pressure penetrates between the metal plates. This number is used to determine the hydraulic balance diameter of the seal face.


Power out of the equipment divided by power in.

Elastic range

The stressed part retains its memory and returns to its original shape.


A rubber like material that, when compressed and then released will return to 90% of its original shape in less than five seconds.


A process involving chemical change caused by the passage of an electric current through a liquid.

Endurance limit.

Beyond this point the metal will fatigue without increasing the stress.


Environmental protection agency. A government agency with a mandate to protect the environment.


Ethylene propylene rubber. The most common elastomer used in the sealing of water based and higher pH materials. Cannot be used in petroleum products.


Permanent displacement of a portion of the O-ring into a gap, under the action of fluid pressure.

Eye of the impeller

The center of the impeller, where the fluid enters.

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