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Glossary of Pump Terms: A

Connects and aligns the power end of an ANSI pump to the wet end.

A.N.S.I. Standard

American National Standards Institute. A set of specifications (envelope dimensions) for centrifugal pumps manufactured in the United States

A.P.I. gland

A seal gland that incorporates a non sparking disaster bushing along with a vent and drain connection (quench), and a flushing connection.

A.P.I. Specifications

American Petroleum Institute Specifications. Usually adopted by oil refineries for petroleum applications. Includes seal gland and piping recommendations.

Absolute pressure

Atmospheric pressure added to gauge pressure.

Active metal

A corrosion resistant metal that has not been passivated. The protective oxide layer has not formed.

Affinity laws

They predict how capacity, head and horsepower are affected by changes in the centrifugal pump impeller diameter or shaft speed.

Air ingestion

Air is coming into the stuffing box because of a negative suction pressure.


The center line of the pump is perfectly aligned with the centerline of the driver (usually an electric motor).

Alpha sintered

A type of silicone carbide that does not contain silica.

Ambient heat/pressure

The heat or pressure in the area where the equipment is located.


To soften the metal by heating it to a predetermined temperature somewhere below its melting point.


A treatment used on aluminum to put a heavy stable film of oxide on the metal surface.

Anti-friction bearing

Usually referring to a ball or roller bearing


A description of the fluid and operating conditions that we are trying to pump or seal.

Atmospheric pressure

At sea level, atmospheric pressure is 14.7 psi.

AVS Standard

An old, obsolete standard that has been replaced by the A.N.S.I. standard.

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