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The pump industry is an enormous industry and plays a critical role in almost every facet of our lives. Water supply, fire protection, oil & gas, power plants, waste water treatment, sump pumps at homes, processing chemicals, foods & pharmaceuticals, and many more.

This site is part of the Multiple IDs Pump related portal of sites.

These provides users with quality useful information about the pump industry.

Pumps101 aims at provides users information about pumps and how they work. The fundamentals along with Glossary, Tutorials, Software, Systems, LCC and much much more …


We also have section for the Big companies in the pump industry. A Pump types list with a Glossary and FAQ about Pumps. 

You have access to a list of useful resources/web-links related to the pumps from across the world. You can also access the gateway/links to other sites on our portal of pump related sites.

We also provide you with a list of good Pump related books with links for you to buy on Amazon.

Access to all the sections of this site are free for all users and we are always looking at adding new features, functionality and content to make it more useful to you all. Please feel free to let us know what you like, don't like and would like on the site.

Hope you find this site useful and please keep coming back as we evolve with your feedback.

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